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Hotels Flowers & Plants

Hotel Flowers & Plant Displays
Hotels Flowers always make a hotel look good and inviting when strategically placed flowers and plants bring ever changing colours throughout your property.

At Flower Hire we design, install and maintain all hotel flowers and interior plant displays from single potted plants to more elaborate multi-planted displays to very simple and delicate bud vases for the restaurant table with regular changes to suit the mood or occasions.

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Keeping Your Look Fresh

Hotel Flower & Plant Displays
All the benefits of interior plant displays can be yours, in a quality product and service, using quality materials at realistic prices, and with contracts tailored to your individual requirements.

Visit our Samples Page to view some of the many options available for Interior and Exterior Plant Displays

Our Interior Plant Displays suit all types of business areas in hotels from the reception area, large foyers, the spa, business centre, conference & meeting rooms and not forgetting bedrooms. At Flower Hire we design the look you that desire or we can make impartial recommendations to enhance your business.
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Reception & Interiors

Interior Plant Displays
At Flower Hire, we know from our experience that interior plant displays is the art of bringing the world of nature to you and your office or business, which in turn the luxurious fauna improves long term productivity.

The professional commitment to our products and our clients is reflected in the continued care for your plants by our staff. We will always ensure that your plant displays continue to look their best by watering, feeding, cleaning, pruning and replacing when necessary.
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Hotel Table Flowers

Hotel Table Flowers

From lounges, to bars from bistro to fine dining restaurants, we will design table flowers to suit your needs.

For more information on our flowers and services for Restaurants, please visit our: Restaurant Flowers & Plants page.

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